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Compilation of a Life Of Poetry

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ISBN-10: 1546647910
ISBN-13: 978-1546647911
Author: Cindy Pantoja
Pages: 75

Experience the transformative power of poetry with Compilation of A Life of Poetry by Cindy Pantoja, a captivating collection of over 35 unconventional poems that aim to revive the art form. Delve into the stages of a woman's life, from the innocence of adolescence and the discovery of first love, to the complexities of adulthood marked by motherhood, partner deception, and ultimately, her empowering journey of revenge after betrayal. This poetic anthology serves as a medium of protest, breathing life into profound themes of love, family, and reconciliation. Immerse yourself in this compelling compilation and explore the depths of the human experience. Order your copy today and discover the beauty and resilience of poetic expression.

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