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Thanks for visiting my website! You might be here because you came across my name or a photo of me on the web, and it made you curious.

Well, I'll tell you! My name is Cindy Pantoja, and I am a Mexican who lives in Richmond, California. I spend my time creating content and uploading it to the web while having several cups of coffee. My favorite activity is sharing stories; I have always been captivated by people's eyes. I like to lose myself in the blank stares of those people who share their life experiences with me. That is the reason why I decided to dedicate my life to journalism.

This website was created for you, who take the time to discover who I am. In it, you will find my stories and the stories of the people I have met along the way. These stories have been converted into various formats such as text, photography, audio, and video, so that you can enjoy them no matter what format you prefer. Since you have come this far, I invite you to discover the world from my perspective. Once you do so, do not hesitate to leave a message and tell me how the world looks through your eyes.

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